You peer into the doorway and it's scrable to find the light switch, and as it goes on brightly you see a retarded looking guy sitting at a table, mumbling.

You approach the guy, and before you even get a chance to introduce yourself, you hear

You think in 10 years you'll be eating chicken every day? Driving around a car like it's nothing (Dammit! the prices went up 10c again...)? Going to supermarket? Whats the economy like in your head, lol. It might be worse than I think. We'll get along though...we get along cuz there's nothing else to do. but you better stop being such a fuckiun chauvanist... 8if you spend the next 10 years pretending youre gonna find yourself heating up to a boil. you;'ll die without a bank account, pig. it might be for other people but your freedom leaks now

The retarded looking guys eyes start darting around, he turns around in his chair and begins to speak to the air, some insane attention grabbing display. totally distasteful... Let's go.