you open the door to find a concrete wall, with a note seemingly magnetised to it like it were a refrigerator

The note reads,

Im sick of every day being like this, like im losti n the fog and theres no way out. waiting to die, for htings to happen to me and now i can't even talk to people...its like its all falling out of my head, being stolen from me, im completely alienated. theres nothing and nobody...only strange pains and slow death. yes sir...yes maam no ma'am. thank you very much! What may I help you with this evening? When will it end! God!

Accessing computer...


Subject line: What do I do?

Hey boss, it's me again.

Today I've been thinking... It's a shame about narcissism...I don't understand where people keep finding all of this unearned confidence! How do you just say hi to someone...? What if you're bothering them...? Or, what if you say something strange without meaning to. How do people know about all that? I mean, I say narcissism but it feels like I'm the one doing something wrong. If someone came up to me and started acting like that, I don't know what I'd think. I might really appreciate it...But what if I didn't? What about if the person wasn't really the kind of person I get along with, like some self absorbed nerd or mean bitch? Im sure you see what im getting at here, how am I supposed to know thats not me? Right??